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Asset Manager

Enterprise Manager

Tracking transport operators non powered mobile assets to drive more utility in the fleets.

Ron Koehler


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Monitor Assets


No only tracking for the location, but who is in custody of valued assets in the field.

John Gattorna

Gattorna Alignment

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Telematics is now at a price point where I can jusity the investment for my fleet.

Brendan Arlington

Media Connect/ TNT

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Now with Asset management tools to monitor assets, insurance is de risked and costs are reduced.

Jon Ford

Chubb Maritime

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Trade Automation

Proximity Payments

Blockchains monitor the asset and chain of custody, so you can authenticate transactions with the secured data.

John Gattorna

Gattorna Alignment

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Warehouse Management

Proximity Scanner

Not only report the chain of custody, but locate any asset to the meter for quick a fix to lost assets.

Bob Black

Australia Post


Cool Chain


Now you can monitor the cool chain of custody and integrity, all in the one system.

Peter Lidelle


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Track POD

Proof of Delivery

Use the blockchain to authenticate milestone delivery stages in the supply chain all the way to the last mile.

Sam Cairns


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Transport Management


Adopt a rapid TMS plugin for authenticated driver collection, drop off and proof of delivery confirmation by customers.

Matt McLellan


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